Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I bought this plant in June last year, along with a motherwort.  I can rarely walk into a farmer's market or a home and garden store without leaving with a new plant or two.  I plopped them into my perennial bed, read a bit about their uses, and mostly forgot about them (I even forgot which was which for a while).

Come this spring, the feverfew aggressively reminded me it was there.  It grew to almost four feet tall with prolific sprays of tiny daisy-like flowers that hadn't appeared the year before.  They have graced vases in my home and have been one of my favorite blooms so far this year.

The feverfew also stands as a marker of my changing relationship with plants.  It began blooming at a time when I finally found myself ready to begin infusing and tincturing, putting into practice all the beneficial uses these plants have.  While the feverfew is not quite ready for harvest, it will soon join my growing apothecary that is crowding out my spice cabinet, tinctured for quick use, and dried for teas.

A year ago I bought this plant on a whim, aware of its medicinal properties, but not ready to utilize it.  This year, it has brought much happiness with it's physical presence, and later it will also provide healing when we need it.  I am grateful for my crazy giant feverfew and how it is helping to change my relationship with all of my plants.


  1. Your tinctures sound very interesting...I hope you tell us more about them in future posts!

  2. What a stunning spray of flowers it has. I'd love to hear a bit more about your tinctures too.